Get the Price Right the First Time!



Price It Right from the Beginning


ellers may think they can list their homes at a higher price and adjust if necessary. That  is not a good strategy. This excerpt  from a recent article published by KCM supports our approach to Proper Pricing. 

"Are there any negative effects from changing the listing price of a property? This question haunts Agents as well as sellers of property every day. This question was scientifically investigated by  Professor John R. Knight.

The findings from this research indicate that, on average, properties which experience a listing price change take longer to sell.

 Seller should be aware of the critical necessity of getting the price correct from the start.  Sellers wanting to overprice will ultimately take longer to sell and will sell their property for less, on average, according to Knight."

 Therefore, get the price right from the beginning.  Our detailed market analysis and recommendation is always to price it to sell, not to sit.  Price adjustments must be  5-10% in order to be effective.    Let's price it right the first time.   It is best for all.

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Open House

This Sunday from 2-4pm

In Westminster


3BR/2BA Updated Home

3BR/2BA Renovated Home


4160 Strand
4720 Fleet

Carefree Living!  


1BR/1BA Condo

at Perkins Rowe

2BR/2BA   Condo

in Jefferson Hills

2BR/2.5BA Townhome

in Jefferson Towne


7707 Bluebonnet Blvd. Apt. 312 9851 Jefferson Hwy Apt. H1 10062 Jefferson Hwy Apt. B



Area   6

9622 Prytania


In Gated Community Parlange

Area 6

7884 Jefferson Place Apt. A

3br/2ba Condo

In Jefferson Place

Area 6

2225 Brentwood

2br/2ba on large lot

In Country Club Terrace

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