Informatio​n Versus Real Estate Expert Experience

Information Overload?

In today's information age, it has become increasingly apparent that real estate professionals  are needed to assist buyers and sellers with proper pricing and negotiating the best possible outcome for their home sale or purchase.  


   In a recent article,

Unlocking the Secrets of Real Estate's New Market Reality
, it was written:  


"It's actually quite simple: Information being readily available (without context or understanding) causes confusion. That's when people seek out professionals (whether it be a doctor, lawyer, or real estate professional) for an analysis of the information and their situation. Because of the wealth of information available, people are yearning for expert advice."

Of course we agree.  For example, you can go to WEB MD to diagnose an illness, but your next step is to call the professional, your Doctor!
For real estate, you can go to, Trulia, Zillow, etc., and do all the research you want, but the next step is to call the professional, your Realtor who knows how to analyze and interpret the data and provide solutions.   
Experts are always in demand. Otherwise, we would all self diagnose our health issues and buy homes online.  
Perhaps  a little risky to our physical and financial health, wouldn't you say?



Tons of Space for $200,000
including large game room, new roof and A/C
In Broadmoor Forest

1572 N. Bellrose


New Construction
In Green Trails

NOW: $675,000

15831 Woodland Trails

Thinking of buying or selling?  Let us educate you on the market NOW!

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